Led Lights – the future is here

Led Lights – the future is here

The LED lighting revolution is here and Australian businesses and electricians are moving quickly to replace old lighting with LED lights. We supply new fittings and LED lamps for all commercial spaces, warehouses, offices, industrial spaces, hospitals, schools and car parks.

Rising power costs and leveraged political capital have accelerated the conversion of existing buildings to LED lighting. Power consumption savings of up to 84% and the continued rising costs of power are delivering returns on investment of 12 months or less for commercial applications. Try getting that kind of return on investment with cash in the bank!

What is an LED?
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It’s a smarter, more efficient way to light a space. Rather than using fragile filament power that burns out easily, LED utilises the movement of electrons for power and light. Built so that a great number of photons are released outward, the light from a diode is focused through the end of a plastic bulb which produces a bright light.

By replicating natural daylight, LED lighting has been proven to improve concentration levels and regulate sleeping patterns, while improving the overall aesthetic of working environments.

LED lighting uses up to 84% less electricity, significantly reducing energy expenditure on lighting.

Installing LED lights is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve OH&S conditions by creating a brighter and safer working environment.

LED lights last for over 50,000 hours (compared with about 3,000 hours for halogen and fluorescent lights) and with our < 1% failure rate, annual maintenance costs are dramatically reduced and in some cases, eradicated altogether and flickering lights become a thing of the past.

littil LED lights pack a powerful punch
While style is always a consideration, littil’s key selection criteria for all its LED lighting products is performance, reliability and energy efficiency. Our research and development into the LED lighting world has encompassed over 8 years of research globally and we continue to invest heavily in this area to ensure our buyers receive great value LED lighting solutions that rate highly against the toughest energy efficiency standards.

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