The VEET Scheme – Victoria

What is the VEET?

VEET stands for Victorian Energy Efficiency Target. This fantastic Victorian Government initiative is designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable for businesses, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and encourage investment, employment and innovation in industries that supply energy efficiency goods and services.

What is a VEEC?

A VEEC is a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate. The Victorian Government target for 2016 is to distribute 5.4 million VEECs under the VEET scheme. Each certificate represents a saving of one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions.

How are VEECs created?

VEECs can only be created by entities accredited by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). These entities are known as Accredited Persons.

VEECs are created at their current trading price when a specified and approved energy-saving activity (a Prescribed Activity under VEET scheme) such as installing LED lights has been completed. Once registered, VEECs are offered to the customer in the form of a rebate.

How littil can help you to make the most of VEECs

littil use an Accredited Person for claiming VEECs rebates and a wide range of our state of the art, portfolio of products are VEECs approved. We can offer the VEECs rebate to customers at the time of quoting, resulting in an immediate and generous upfront discount so you don’t have to wait for your VEET scheme LED lights rebate to be processed!

The littil VEEC Subsidy Program

Our exclusive VEEC Subsidy Program will explain everything you need to know and takes care of the paperwork and recycling at no extra cost to you, meaning you always get the best price and the highest level of service.

Accredited Persons under the VEET scheme is Wattly Pty Ltd
1300 878 500
49 Dove Street, Cremorne VIC 3121

Download the Ultimate Guide to Government Subsidies for LED Lighting below!

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Terms & Conditions

PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT OF THE INSTALLATION: Please contact Wattly – they will assist in gathering the evidence for the VEECs rebate and ensure the requirements are met. If you do not take this step, the job may fail to qualify.

1.Each Project must be quoted by littil prior to PO being raised. Quotes expire 30 days from the date of the quote. Changes in VEET price will affect quotes from littil immediately.

2. Applicable to upgrades, renovations or retrofits only, not applicable to new builds. VEEC’s are only payable on upgrading of existing lighting. VEEC rebates may vary depending on the lights being replaced. Total light numbers must be equal to or less than the existing fittings.

3. If the quote is accepted, the Electricians details must be supplied below so we can make contact with them and obtain the site address and contact person at this site.

4. The installation date must be supplied as soon as known.

5. Photos must be provided as per the following. We will assist you with this process on site, however ‘before’ photos are solely the responsibility of the installing electrician. Photos must be GPS tagged:

a. Product (lamp and ballast) before and after (as before)
b. Piles of decommissioned equipment (as before)
c. Any lighting control device (as before)
d. For fluorescent tubes: destroyed or removed terminal blocks if ballasts are bypassed and left on site (as before)
e. Each space type (new)
f. Outside of premises (new)
g. Air conditioning vents in each space type (new)

6. Old tubes/lamps/RDL’s or the complete fitting must be left on site for collection & recycling (Highbays/Troffers). Lamps must be separated from fittings and placed in cardboard boxes or similar suitable for transport. Old lights must be left where our driver has easy access (within 20m of vehicle access point) to collect these lights. Rubbish will not be removed.

7. Minimum of 50 x VEECs must be generated to be eligible. 50 x VEECs equates to approximately 63 x Downlights or 63 x T8 Tubes or 29 x Troffers or 8 x Highbays. This will be determined once the initial quote is generated.

8. Installation must be completed by a registered ‘A’ grade electrician and a CES must be generated. A copy of the CES must be supplied with one week of completion.

9. The electrician completing the installation must provide required licenses and sign-off the provided VEET paperwork within 3 business days from completed paperwork receipt.

10. The customer (who is receiving the installed lighting products) must agree to sign-off the required paperwork within 3 business days from completed paperwork receipt.

11. VEEC rebates are based on 50kms from CBD. VEEC rebates will decrease for regional areas due to travel costs.

12. Proof of BCA classification must be provided within 3 business days of the CES being issued. We will endeavour to assist you to provide satisfactory BCA classification evidence.

13. Invoices must be provided to littil including customer installation address and VEEC model names. We will provide you with VEEC model names.

14. Post upgrade lighting levels must be compliant with the Australia/New Zealand lighting standard (AS/NZS 1680)

15. Power Factor readings for each site must be within Australian standards post lighting installation (for the entire customer site, not lighting circuits only). It is the responsibility of the electrician (or installing party) to ensure that the Power Factor is measured and meets Australian standards. Sites not meeting Power Factor standards will be ineligible for VEEC rebates.

16. Littil requires a tax invoice for the rebate amount quoted once the job is completed, this will be paid as soon as the job is confirmed as being compliant by Wattly, this is normally less than 30 x days.


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