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Bring savings forward and value back

There are now three major incentives for commercial property owners to adopt a positive ‘Energy Efficient’ commercial LED lighting position:

  • The VEEC scheme and ESC scheme provides rebate to help cover the costs of changing over to LED Lights in commercial premises
  • Environment Upgrade Agreements
  • Energy efficient buildings are more valuable assets, easier to sell, and more attractive to tenants
  • Mandatory Disclosure Energy Efficiency legislation means you may be vulnerable to heavy non-compliance penalties

It’s all in the ratings

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) represents an opportunity for businesses to increase their value. Prize property is smart property, with light and motion sensors driving dimmers and high output low wattage lamps halving annual energy consumption.

The Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010 imposes compliance obligations on property owners and landlords of 2,000m² and NLA buildings. Prior to initiating a sale or lease, landlords and vendors now must prepare a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) which includes:

  • A NABERS energy base building rating – an assessment that reveals the operational energy use of the building over the previous 12 month period
  • A tenancy lighting assessment – a tool that benchmarks the existing tenancy lighting against best practice
  • Energy efficiency guidance – a document that will outline opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the base building and tenant lighting


A BEEC will need to be updated annually. Failure to have a BEEC may delay the sale or leasing process for property owners.

Investigate, model, recommend, & facilitate

The steps for achieving a top rating for a building are prescribed and we follow them precisely:

  • Audit circuitry, light fittings, and lamps
  • Review power supply charges and model current and predictable usage
  • Scope lux levels and identify redundant and inefficient assets
  • Consider auto switching
  • Scope new assets with options and NABERS rating impact forecast
  • Draft a CAPEX budget and forecast ROI
  • Draft implementation strategy

Trends and performance

  • T8 LED Tubes are recommended for T8 tube change-out. The integrity of quality old T8 fitting is maintained.
  • LED downlight lamps are technically incompatible with halogen transformers so it is recommended that old transformers are changed out for highly efficient, dimmable and interference-free DC drivers and power supplies. Alternatively, halogen lamps can be changed for GU10 lamps and AC mains socket assemblies.


Other innovative and extraordinary technology to consider; DALI management, ZigBee and Cherry Pulse offer building automation and additional flexibility and savings that are all part of developing intelligent building management.

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