Australia’s LED lighting revolution is here. As one of the country’s leading wholesale suppliers and innovators, littil is committed to offering the best in design ingenuity and quality across our full product range. Our efficient LED lights are tested by our in-house engineers, are compliant with Australian standards and have Regulatory Compliance Marks and comprehensive warranties. Our off the rack and customised lighting solutions cater to a range of different commercial businesses and government requirements and we offer outstanding, ongoing support post-purchase.

littil works hard to create real savings for you, and your customers.

Through dedication to design and engineering of our commercial lighting products, we will provide the highest quality products to suit the individual needs of our customers. By applying our knowledge and expertise, we can help our customers reduce their costs and become more competitive in their own markets.

  • littil is a leading Australian energy effieciency company with more than 1,000,000 LED lights installed
  • littil LED lighting products are specifically designed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • We have an extensive LED product portfolio backed by more than 8 years of extensive global research and stringent quality testing resulting in industry-leading products.



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