Most LED lamps are designed with ACDC circuitry so they can be operated on halogen transformers so they usually run ok, albeit for a shorter life on iron core transformers. However, iron core transformers are very primitive technology and consume additional power, usually 9 to 12 watts per hour, even when running LED lamps. LED doesn’t dim reliably on halogen transformers. LED lamps won’t generally operate on a transformer powered circuit controlled by a dimmer, however some second generation lamps that are dimmable on halogen transformers are appearing in the market. Despite this design advancement, these types of lamps have enormously complicated circuitry. Leading edge dimmers were designed for the wound / iron core transformer and much later, trailing edge dimmers were designed for electronic transformers. For a LED lamp to be dimmable, it must have such a feature designed into its circuitry.

More recently, LED driver manufacturers have built LED dimming drivers that operate on both leading and trailing edge LED dimmers. If they are manufactured for dimming, most LED lamps will operate well on both. Note: many LED lights that are intended for use in areas that don’t require dimming will not have that feature in their specification. Not designed to run on transformers, these lamps are beautifully simple, with very few electrical components crammed into the socket base or heat sink column. Their design simplicity makes them easy to match to a constant current specific wattage sized driver. Almost all DC lamps are dimmable, provided they are connected to a smart dimmable constant current driver. Generally, these lamp and driver combinations will operate on trailing edge and/or leading edge and often universal dimmer controller switches.

What is the best way to get the most out of LED lights?
Nothing makes as much sense as DC LED lamps and matched constant current dimmable drivers.

    The lamp:

  • is up to 24% cheaper
  • has little or no complicated electronics
  • will operate at a lower temperature
  • provides longer life
  • dims easily with most modern dimmers.

0-10 volt LED lamps on dimming 0-10 volt drivers
Multi lamp circuits can also be wired to through power supplies that are controlled by 0-10 volt dimmer control units. The control knob or switch will not interface into the universal architrave plate system used widely in Australia, however the control knob can be mounted conveniently adjacent the architrave or in another more convenient location.

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