Vantage Fuels



A family owned company since 1985, Vantage Fuels is an independent fuel and convenience retailer. With twenty nine BP service stations across regional Victoria, Vantage Fuels were interested in reducing their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

As installations were completed in petrol stations, specific safety measures were undertaken to reduce risk in the highly combustible sites. Vehicles entering and exiting the stations further complicated the installations. All sites had to be well lit to make the stations eye-catching and prominent in the evenings.

Traffic control was necessary to ensure vehicles did not interfere with the installation. Motion sensors were fitted to littil LED lights to maximise power savings.

14 sites had over 966 lights upgraded to LED. Vantage Fuels now save a massive $81,569 annually with 453,510 kg CO2 and 497,241 kWh per annum, equivalent to removing 96 vehicles off the roads for one year or 7,499 seedlings grown for ten years!

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