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ZETTA – LED High Bay

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Constant current input LED High bay lights with a power range from 10W to 2000W, direct replacement for the energy consuming 200 to 400W Metal Halide lamps, Mercury vapour or similar lighting layout designs.

LED high bay light retrofit emits a light beam in conventional cool white light, with a light beam spread between 50° and 120° depending on the lens plate choice. Ideal luminaire for all industrial, warehouse or covered spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Suspended – variable length
  • 50%+ energy saving replacement
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Suitable for multi strike application
  • Quality internal MEANWELL driver with mains socket
  • Quality NICHIA chips
  • CCT 5000K
  • Optional anti-glare hood
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lifetime >60,000hrs
  • IP65 Rated
  • CRI >70


Download the ZETTA Highbay Range Specification Sheet





Now available with Bolt-On Sensor & Diffuser


Highbay RC Sensor Kit93439070008900890Highbay RC Sensor Kit
Highbay Sensor Remote Control93439070008910891ZETTA-Intellisense-Remote
Highbay ZETTA 100W 5K DIM 120°93439070009520952HB-Z100W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 100W 5K DIM 50°93439070009500950HB-Z100W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 100W 5K DIM 90°93439070009510951HB-Z100W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 120W 5K DIM 120°93439070009550955HB-Z120W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 120W 5K DIM 50°93439070009530953HB-Z120W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 120W 5K DIM 90°93439070009540954HB-Z120W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 150W 5K DIM 120°93439070009580958HB-Z150W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 150W 5K DIM 50°93439070009560956HB-Z150W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 150W 5K DIM 90°93439070009570957HB-Z150W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 200W 5K DIM 120°93439070009610961HB-Z200W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 200W 5K DIM 50°93439070009590959HB-Z200W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA 200W 5K DIM 90°93439070009600960HB-Z200W-DMW
Highbay ZETTA Alpha 450W 120°CP93439070008950895HBZ-ALPHA-450
Highbay ZETTA Alpha 450W 30°CP93439070008930893HBZ-ALPHA-450
Highbay ZETTA Alpha 600W 120°CP93439070008960896HBZ-ALPHA-600
Highbay ZETTA Alpha 600W 30°CP93439070008940894HBZ-ALPHA-600
Highbay ZETTA Alpha VisorCP93439070008970897ALPHA-VISOR
Highbay Zetta Bracket Kit93439070008880888Highbay Zetta Bracket Kit
Highbay ZETTA Diffuser with bottom plate93439070008630863HBDIFFUSER
Highbay Zetta Hook & Chain93439070041304130ZETTA-Chain
IP65 3 pin Inline Connector93439070008890889IP65 3 pin Inline Connector

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