ZETTA ESCA – IP65 LED Highbay Range

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Constant current input LED light with a power range from 100W to 200W, direct replacement for the energy consuming 200 to 400W mercury vapour or metal halide lamps.
Emits a light beam in conventional cool white light, with a light beam spread between 50° and 120° depending on the lens plate choice. This highbay meets the no glass requirement & is ideal luminaire for all food processing, industrial, warehouse or covered spaces.

Features & Benefits

• Meets the no glass requirements for food industries
• IP65 & IK08 for tough environments
• High quality internal MeanWell driver
• Easy to dismantle and assemble for installation
• Easy to clean

Highbay Esca 100W 5K 1-10V 50°CP93439070041574157HBZ-ESCA-100
Highbay Esca 120W 5K 1-10V 50°CP93439070041584158HBZ-ESCA-120
Highbay Esca 150W 5K 1-10V 50°CP93439070041594159HBZ-ESCA-150
Highbay Esca 200W 5K 1-10V 50°CP93439070041604160HBZ-ESCA-200
Highbay Esca 100W 5K 1-10V 120°CP93439070041614161HBZ-ESCA-100
Highbay Esca 120W 5K 1-10V 120°CP93439070041624162HBZ-ESCA-120
Highbay Esca 150W 5K 1-10V 120°CP93439070041634163HBZ-ESCA-150
Highbay Esca 200W 5K 1-10V 120°CP93439070041644164HBZ-ESCA-200
Highbay Esca BracketCP93439070041654165ESCA-Bracket

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