POLAR TRES LED Panels - littil LED Lights


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Our littil Polar Tres panel light is a unique product with a tri-colour feature allowing changes in lighting colour temperatures between 3000°K, 4000°K and 5000°K. A direct replacement of the 86W twin T8 fluorescent fittings, Polar Tres is versatile and engineered for consistent output with minimum glare, including PMMA LGP to minimise yellowing.


  • Premium acrylic minimises lighting degradation.
  • High quality littil flicker free driver to provide a comfortable lighting environment.
  • Ultra-high luminous efficacy of 125lm/W for additional energy savings.
  • Robust and rigid frame ensures no sagging.
  • 3000°K/4000°K/5000°K switchable.
  • Low Glare Option available.
  • IC-4 Rated to provide the highest safety and performance when surface mounted.
  • VEEC and ESC approved.

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