POLAR – LED Panel Lights

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Our slim design LED panel lights are a direct replacement for the energy consuming 85W twin T8 fluorescent fittings. They can be embedded in ceilings, surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling. These led panel light fixtures are suitable for every clear span in commercial or public area lighting.

Features & Benefits

  • 9mm panel thickness
  • CRI >80
  • Energy saving, cost saving, maintenance free
  • 5 year warranty
  • Philips 30W Certadrive driver, non-dimmable
  • Light weight, safe to install
  • Flexible cord/ AU mains plug attached to driver


Download the POLAR LED Panel Range Specification Sheet

Panel Polar 27w12x3 4k NoDim93439070031063106POL12x3 (L-OPIO36W-ND)
Panel Polar 27w12x3 5k NoDim93439070031073107POL12x3 (L-OPIO36W-ND)
Panel Polar 27w6x3 4k NoDim93439070031153115POL6x3 (L-OPIO36W-ND)
Panel Polar 27w6x3 5k NoDim93439070031163116POL6x3 (L-OPIO36W-ND)
Panel Polar 27w6x6 4k NoDim93439070031083108POL6x6 (L-OPIO36W-ND)
Panel Polar 27w6x6 5k NoDim93439070031093109POL6x6 (L-OPIO36W-ND)

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