OPTIMA QUAD – 13W/25W External Driver Recessed Downlight Series

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The OPTIMA QUAD is a constant current input LED lamp series and a conscious new approach for innovative builders and home renovators. This recessed downlight is perfect for places that require passive or indirect floodlighting.

Features & Benefits

• High quality SMD LED & PMMA Diffuser ensures ultimate light uniformity and distribution
• CoolTech – Engineered for lower operating temperature
• High quality metal design for an exquisite look

RDL OPTIMA Quad 13W 3KCP93439070041314131OPT-QUAD-13
RDL OPTIMA Quad 13W 4KCP93439070041324132OPT-QUAD-13
RDL OPTIMA Quad 25W 3KCP93439070041334133OPT-QUAD-25
RDL OPTIMA Quad 25W 4KCP93439070041344134OPT-QUAD-25

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