OPTIMA PRIME – 10W/18W/25W/35W External Driver RDL Series

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This recessed COB LED downlight is a conscious new approach for innovative builders and retail renovators. The OPTIMA PRIME is 70% more energy efficient compared to standard CFLs and can conveniently spread a 600 illuminiation. It is ideal for elegant and upmarket homes.

Features & Benefits

• Combination of COB LED & PC reflector reduces UGR to <19
• High quality Aluminium design provides excellent thermal dissipation
• Large reflective face for an upmarket, elegant look
• Available in white, silver & black surface colours

RDL OPT Prime 10W 3K 60° WhiteCP93439070032223222OPT-PRM-10
RDL OPT Prime 10W 4K 60° WhiteCP93439070032233223OPT-PRM-10
RDL OPT Prime 18W 3K 60° WhiteCP93439070032543254OPT-PRM-18
RDL OPT Prime 18W 4K 60° WhiteCP93439070032553255OPT-PRM-18
RDL OPT Prime 25W 3K 60° WhiteCP93439070032563256OPT-PRM-25
RDL OPT Prime 25W 4K 60° WhiteCP93439070032573257OPT-PRM-25
RDL OPT Prime 35W 3K 60° WhiteCP93439070032583258OPT-PRM-35
RDL OPT Prime 35W 4K 60° WhiteCP93439070032593259OPT-PRM-35

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