OPTIMA ASPECT – Frosted External Driver RDL Series

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This constant current input LED lamp series with an external LED driver is a conscious new approach for innovative builders and home renovators. Replacing the 50W quartz halogen lamps, this recessed downlight series with a frosted cover is perfectly suited for areas that require a passive or indirect flood lighting.

Features & Benefits

  • Our engineers design heatsinks using thermal imaging technology to ensure that our products are 20 degrees C cooler than the competition!
  • With no visible LEDs, the unit integrates seamlessly into any environment.
RDL OPTIMA Aspect 8W 90mm 3K93439070032023202L-OPT8W
RDL OPTIMA Aspect 8W 90mm 4K93439070032033203L-OPT8W
RDL OPTIMA Aspect 10W 70mm 3K93439070032043204L-OPT10W
RDL OPTIMA Aspect 10W 90mm 3K93439070032103210L-OPT10W
RDL OPTIMA Aspect 10W 90mm 4K93439070032113211L-OPT10W

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