OPTIMA AURA – Frosted 17W Downlights

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Constant current input LED lamp series is a conscious new approach for innovative builders and home renovators. Replacing the 50W quartz halogen lamps, this recessed downlight series with a frosted cover is perfectly suited for areas that require a passive or indirect flood lighting.

Features & Benefits

  • >80% energy saving replacement
  • Available in 3000k (warm) and 4000K (neutral) light colour
  • 3 year warranty


  • Dimmable on leading and trailing edge dimmers
  • Non-gimballed
  • 17w will cover up to 4x4m room/floor surface
  • Available in 65 x 190 mm or 75 x 240 mm
  • CRI >65
  • CREE Chip


RDL OPTIMA Aura 17W 190mm 3K93439070005910591RDL-17D30-190WH
RDL OPTIMA Aura 17W 190mm 4K93439070021682168RDL-17D40-190WH
RDL OPTIMA Aura 17W 240mm 3K93439070015671567RDL-17D30-240WH
RDL OPTIMA Aura 17W 240mm 4K93439070005930593RDL-17D40-240WH

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