OPTIMA VISIA – 9W/12W Recessed Downlights

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This recessed downlight delivers a warm white light conveniently spread at 60°. It has a similar lighting effect compared to the traditional quartz halogen downlight, hence it is suitable for all home or commercial applications. This lamp helps achieve 6 Star efficiency standard requirements for lighting in homes and residential buildings.


Features & Benefits

  • Dimmable driver on leading/trailing edge dimmers.
  • Low operating temperature < 55°C
  • Replacement results in >75% energy savings
  • 110mm flange available for 90mm cut outs
  • Available in 3000k &4000k


RDL OPTIMA Visia 9W 3K Silver93439070023422342RDLS-9D30-60WH
RDL OPTIMA Visia 9W 3K White93439070023352335RDLS-9D30-60WH
RDL OPTIMA Visia 9W 4K Silver93439070023662366RDLS-9D30-60WH
RDL OPTIMA Visia 9W 4K White93439070023592359RDLS-9D30-60WH
RDL OPTIMA Visia 12W 3K White93439070022982298RDLS-12D30-60WH
RDL OPTIMA Visia 12W 4K Silver93439070023282328RDLS-12D30-60WH
RDL OPTIMA Visia 12W 4K White93439070023112311RDLS-12D30-60WH
Driver 8Amp ACDC 2 Pin93439070017271727DRV4AMPACDC-2P
Driver AC/DC LED 2 Pin 1 Amp93439070000650065DRV1AMPACDC-2P
Driver ET1Amp T-BlockACDC LED93439070007060706DRV1AMPACDC-TB
Driver littil ET 4Amp ACDC/2pi93439070019701970DRV8AMPACDC-2P
RDL 10w Frosted 3000k 90mm Dim93439070001900190RDL10FROST3D90
RDL 10w Frosted 4000k 90mm Dim93439070001910191RDL10FROST4D90
RDL 12w Frosted 3000k93439070001920192RDL12FROST3D90

RDL Silver 110mm Flange93439070011301130RDL Silver 110mm Flange
RDL White 110mm Flange93439070011231123RDL White 110mm Flange
RDL White 140mm Flange93439070011261126RDL White 140mm Flange
RDL White 160mm Flange93439070011271127RDL White 160mm Flange

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