Recessed LED Downlights by Littil LED Lights

OPTIMA VISAGE – 25W/35W Recessed Downlights

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This recessed COB LED downlight is available in 25W and 35W and is a conscious new approach for innovative builders and retail renovators. Direct replacement for the energy consuming 70W-160W Metal Halide downlights or 96W PLC fixtures. The 35W is the perfect and common 200mm cutout (8”) found in public buildings and shopping centres. Zero radiation or interference, this high powered lamp is perfect for over display shelving, centre display bench or retail broad space and shopping malls.


Features & Benefits

  • COB LED array
  • Beam angle 90°
  • Available in 25W and 35W
  • Up to 30° tilt & 358° rotation through gimbal
  • White trim, silver can be custom made
  • External Philips Certadrive lamp driver
  • Sturdy mechanical clamps
  • Non-dimmable
  • 3 year warranty
  • Plug and Play
RDL OPTIMA Visage 25W 4K DALI93439070022802280RDL25-40WH-DALI
RDL OPTIMA Visage 35W 4K Silvr93439070022942294RDL35-40WH
RDL OPTIMA Visage 25W 4K Silvr93439070022952295RDL25-40WH
RDL OPTIMA Visage 35W 4K White93439070022962296RDL35-40WH
RDL OPTIMA Visage 25W 4K White93439070022972297RDL25-40WH

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