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NIMMO FORTA – Highmast LED Area Lighting

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The waterproof Highmast LED area light is a direct replacement of 1,000W to 2,000W Metal Halide area lights. This high powered LED area light is perfect for commercial applications such as sports grounds, stadiums, car parks and any other outdoor areas.

• Available in four different beam angles
• Equipped with NICHIA LED chips for high lumen output
• Tempered front glass
• 5-year warranty
• CoolTech – Engineered for lower operating temperatures
• Driver can be installed remotely

Highmast NIMMO






Download the NIMMO Floodlight Range Specification Sheet

Arealight NIM Forta 600W 30°CP93439070040614061HAL-FORTA-600
Arealight NIM Forta 600W 30°x60°CP93439070040624062HAL-FORTA-600
Arealight NIM Forta 900W 30°CP93439070040634063HAL-FORTA-900
Arealight NIM Forta 900W 30°x60°CP93439070040644064HAL-FORTA-900

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