NIMMO EKO - littil LED lights

NIMMO EKO – LED Floodlights

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Waterproof LED Flood Light in 10W-200W is a direct replacement
for the energy consuming 50W-500W Metal Halide Flood Lamps.
Zero radiation or interference, this high powered lamp is perfect
for commercial applications such as sports grounds and stadiums.

• CoolTech-Engineered for lower operating temperatures
• IP65 & IK08 for tough environments
• Long 1.5m flex cable for easy installation
• High quality internal driver

NOA-EKO30 (01) NOA-EKO30 (03)







Download the NIMMO Floodlight Range Specification Sheet

Floodlight NIM Eko 100W 3K93439070041124112NOA-EKO100
Floodlight NIM Eko 100W 5K93439070041054105NOA-EKO100
Floodlight NIM Eko 10W 3K93439070041084108NOA-EKO10
Floodlight NIM Eko 10W 5K93439070041014101NOA-EKO10
Floodlight NIM Eko 150W 3K93439070041134113NOA-EKO150
Floodlight NIM Eko 150W 5K93439070041064106NOA-EKO150
Floodlight NIM Eko 200W 3K93439070041144114NOA-EKO200
Floodlight NIM Eko 200W 5K93439070041074107NOA-EKO200
Floodlight NIM Eko 30W 3K93439070041094109NOA-EKO30
Floodlight NIM Eko 30W 5K93439070041024102NOA-EKO30
Floodlight NIM Eko 50W 3K93439070041104110NOA-EKO50
Floodlight NIM Eko 50W 5K93439070041034103NOA-EKO50
Floodlight NIM Eko 80W 3K93439070041114111NOA-EKO80
Floodlight NIM Eko 80W 5K93439070041044104NOA-EKO80

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