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NIMMO ARCA – LED Shoebox Range

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The Littil LED Shoebox light is an ideal upgrade for carparks, court lights & advertising billboards. Our exclusive LED shoebox range is available with 60W, 90W, 120W, 150W, 185W, 240W and 300W fixtures, replacing 100W-1000W mercury vapour, high pressure sodium and metal halide lights.
The shoebox range is available in 125 lm/W and various beam angles. The sleek, modern design makes it an extremely flexible product.

Features & Benefits

• The energy efficient alternative to traditional area lighting
• IP65 and IK08 rated
• CRI >70 and Power Factor of >0.95
• Comes with Photocell sensor & Surge protection
• Easy to install with multiple mounting options

Shoebox AM bracket 2 module93439070041734173ARCA-AM-bracket-2MOD
Shoebox AM bracket 4 module93439070041744174ARCA-AM-bracket-4MOD
Shoebox DM Bracket93439070041754175ARCA-DM-bracket
Shoebox FM bracket 2 modules93439070041774177ARCA-FM-bracket-2MOD
Shoebox FM bracket 4 modules93439070041784178ARCA-FM-bracket-4MOD
Shoebox IM bracket93439070041804180ARCA-IM-bracket
Shoebox NIM Arca 120W 5K TIII93439070041684168NIM-ARCA-120W
Shoebox NIM Arca 150W 5K TIII93439070041694169NIM-ARCA-150W
Shoebox NIM Arca 185W 5K TIII93439070041704170NIM-ARCA-185W
Shoebox NIM Arca 240W 5K TIII93439070041714171NIM-ARCA-240W
Shoebox NIM Arca 300W 5K TIII93439070041724172NIM-ARCA-300W
Shoebox NIM Arca 60W 5K TIII93439070041664166NIM-ARCA-60W
Shoebox NIM Arca 90W 5K TIII93439070041674167NIM-ARCA-90W
Shoebox TM bracket93439070041794179ARCA-TM-bracket
Shoebox YM bracket93439070041764176ARCA-YM-bracket

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