Fortis - T8 LED battens


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Our T8 LED Battens comes complete with VEEC approved  tubes in either clear or frosted lens and are available in 1200 mm single, 1200 mm double, 600 mm single and 600 mm double fittings. They are made of heavy gauge cold rolled steel with ballast cover locked by tool-less screws for quick inspection. Easy for lamp replacement and no maintenance required.

Features & Benefits

  • Epistar SMD light source
  • Single end wired with starter socket & rotatable pins
  • Superior Colour Rendering Index > 80
  • Unique optical design for uniform light beam
  • Provides energy and power cost savings
  • Available with clear or frosted lens T8 LED tubes and with/without cage

Double batten cage

Batten VISIA 600D 1x LED93439070025022502LEDBAT600S10W
Batten VISIA 600D 1x LED Cage93439070025882588LEDBAT600S10WCG
Batten VISIA 600D 2x LED93439070025192519LEDBAT600D20W
Batten VISIA 600D 2x LED Cage93439070025952595LEDBAT600D20WCG
Batten VISIA 1200D 1x LED93439070025262526LEDBAT1200S15W
Batten VISIA 1200D 1x LED Cage93439070026012601LEDBAT1200S15WCG
Batten VISIA 1200D 2x LED93439070025332533LEDBAT1200D30W
Batten VISIA 1200D 2x LED Cage93439070026182618LEDBAT1200D30WCG
Batten 1200mm Double LED IP6593439070026562656LEDBAT1200D30WIP65
Batten 1200mm Single LED IP6593439070026492649LEDBAT1200SI5WIP65
Batten 600mm Double LED IP6593439070026322632LEDBAT600D20WIP65
Batten FROST 1200D 1x LED Diff93439070025642564LEDBAT1200S15WDF
Batten FROST 1200D 2x LED Diff93439070025712571LEDBAT1200D30WDF
Batten FROST 600D 1x LED Diff93439070025402540LEDBAT600S10WDF
Batten FROST 600D 2x LED Diff93439070025572557LEDBAT600D20WDF

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