ARRAY II – LED Retail Display Light

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This LED Retail Display Light is a direct replacement for the energy consuming 70W-150W Metal Halide Shoplights.
This high powered lamp is perfect for over display shelving, centre display benches or broad retail spaces.

Features & Benefits

• CoolTech-Engineered for lower operating temperatures
• Up to 70% energy savings
• High colour rendering index >80 to replicate natural daylight
• Easy to install

Retail Display Array II 40W 4KCP93439070041474147RD-ARRAY-40
Retail Display Array II 40W 5KCP93439070041484148RD-ARRAY-40
Retail Display Array II 60W 4KCP93439070041494149RD-ARRAY-60
Retail Display Array II 60W 5KCP93439070041504150RD-ARRAY-60

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